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Music For The Jilted

I want to be classified.

Mix Away, The Youth are getting restless!
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Old School meets New School
As Colleen says "This one was created purely for the discussion of great old school music. Oooh and there's also going to be mix tape/cd trading themes."

Why I made this community...
Working at a Record Store for almost 3 years made me want to expose people to different, new, and interesting genres of music. I have wanted to make a community for a long time that was centered around a lot of the kinds of music I listened to growing up. See listed interests. A lot of music communities I find, didn't have a mix of the kinds of music I love, so I created this one. This is the stuff I grew up on. With that said, I hope that many people join here to share with us their favorite band, and to maybe make some mixed CD's and swap with their fellow LJers.

This is going to be a community dedicated to those of us who are punk at heart, or love indie music and just want to learn about some fantastic genres of music and broaden their horizons. It doesn't matter if you just discovered punk/indie music recently or have been listening to it for years. I thought it would be a fun way for us community members to learn about different bands/artists and to appreciate all things punk/indie!

It is a place for all OLD AND YOUNG who love listening to punk, along with music genres like prog rock, alternative, new wave, synthpop, psychobilly, electroclash, noise rock, indie, surf rock, hardcore, grindcore, thrash and grunge to get together and have some fun, learn about new bands, make friends and swap Mixed CD's or music memorabilia.

Sharing your concert stories, upcoming band news and tours, your CD reviews and photos in this community is encouraged and very welcome in this community! It doesn't matter if you just discovered punk music today or years ago. Everyone is welcome here. Everyone except dumbasses. ;) We don't want dumbasses.
Chicken Kastu Records is one of my old friends Record Label. It was started in Okinawa. We had a wonderful Hardcore Music scene there.

1. Have a maturity level.
2. Large lists of music are welcome, but please LJ cut them if they are really long. Thanks, and Photos are welcome if of recent shows you have been to etc, but make sure if you have more than one photo to post place them aall behind an LJ cut. If you are going to post a series of photos, you can leave one placed to show on the page. Make sure that the photo that you post to show up is no bigger than 650x650.
3. If you are just an asshole and a troll, we will let you hang around a bit, then we will ban you if deemed necessary.
4. Feel free to share reviews, recommendations, or great links to music related websites in this community. Just keep it music related.
5. Keep flame wars to a minimum.
6. Every couple months, the community will have a new CD swap theme. You can share your mixed CD's or tapes with your fellow members and see if anyone out there would love to do a Mixed CD Swap with you.
7. Most of all, HAVE FUN! If you have any ideas for the community, please share them with us!
8. CD Swap rules!
-Asking people if they will make you a CD is not acceptable. It's fine to to swap, but no fun if you don't share with something in return. We all love getting packages in the mail. Swaps are a fun thing to do as long as the party making the CD for you is going to be given back to.
-If you need help with making a mixed CD, then by all means, ask away for music recommendations. That is what this community is for!
-When CD swapping, each party doing the swap is responsible for getting the details of the swap, like format-CD/Tape, address to send package too, when the CD was sent etc. You are more than welcome to unload some of your collection on fellow members. ALL parties are responsible for transactions if you are trading/selling vinyls, CD's, Tapes.
9. Have fun-if you have any questions suggestions, problems, please ask anyone of your mods and we will be glad to assist you!


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